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1. SCOPE 1

To us sign up , our app to use or  Only our site visit to you regardless of the following data protection statement , Lunaflat Dijital Platform Pazarlama San. Ltd. Şti. by personal data collection , use And of the processing type , scope And its purpose explains .


Lunaflat Dijital Platform Pazarlama San. Ltd. Şti ( from this then " we " or " Lunaflat " _ will be referred to )

Lunaflat Dijital Platform Pazarlama San. Ltd. Şti

Remzi Oguz Arık Neighborhood Tunus ave . 48/2 Cankaya 
Ankara Turkey

Semmelstraße 46/97070

Würzburg Deutschland





Personal data , specific or  id determinable One real of the person personal or  factual to the conditions related individual information . These are for example your name , e- mail your address or  mail is your address .


Our offer your cookies to keep wants . Describing information , website availability of increase And to the log save websites for the on computers or  fly on devices has stored Small encrypted are files . Cookies , website of operators collected datas analysis by user their preferences recognition , technical problems diagnosis to the developments analysis to And like this users for the website general use of to the improvement possibility recognizes . Most browser , cookies to be recorded permission to give whether you want that you don't want for you to choose permission gives . your cookies on your computer to keep If you do not want our website visit without before scanner your settings all your cookies will be rejected way set .


Cookie List

Cookie , language your settings or  session opening your information like With you relating to to " remember " information visit made of a website by order your browser on your device he kept Small One data part ( text file ). This describing information by us set And first side describing information aspect is named . Visit from your website different One third from the field side describing We also use information . This describing information advert And marketing our efforts to support for   we use . Describing information And other tracing technologies especially the following for purposes we use :

Necessary Cookies 
This cookies , website study for   is necessary And on your systems circuit female cannot be left . General as this _ describing information Only security your preferences set , sign in open or  forms to fill like One service to your request corresponding to your by you carried out to actions response aspect is set . your browser This  cookies will prevent or  you This  cookies about will inform way you can set . However , the website some fields it doesn't work . This describing information any One personal data does not hide .

of the website developed functionality And personalization to provide possibility recognizes . by us or  on our sites their services we use third by the parties can be determined . This describing to your information permission If you don't , this your services One partial or  all smooth it may not work .

of our website performance we can measure And we can improve for   visits And traffic resources to count possibility recognizes . Which The most popular of the pages , the least used And your visitors on site How movement as it does relating to questions to our answer helper they become . This describing information by collected all informations gathers up And This  reason is anonymous . This describing to your information permission If you do not , when will we launch our website? visit that you are doing we don't know .

Advert our partners by our website through adjustable . This companies by interest your fields One profile to create And to you on other websites relevant ads to show for   they can be used . directly personal aspect definable information they do not hide , but your browser And Internet your device unique One way to define they stand . This describing to your information permission If you don't , then little personalized advert you will receive .

To us If you register , your name , address And you choose agreement option by us will be recorded . Yours for by us stored inventory data ( name , address , account) data , contract option , user official ) is stored And yours by you can be viewed password protected One customer account we will create . service to use for   identity detection for   One your photo necessary is Please remember .

This data processing And keep with you between us One of the contract signing up And this in its place bringing in for   required .


Knowledge with Partners One from our partner service When you receive the ID detection for   to them in the QR code you have read your information will appear . Partners , your subscriptions ours through us you can use service are providers . This data processing with you the one which... our contract in its place bringing in for   required . 
From our partner service that you can receive for   your name And your surname , e- mail your address , Lunaflat your membership duration , start and finish date or  clear One contract And membership status of the contract made city ​​notice _ time etc .

Partner Less Responsibility
 before disclosed personal your data by processing relating to as our partner And Lunaflat " business as " universal " movement they do . Accordingly , with our partners the following predictive One agreement we sign :

-       Lunaflat And our partners by collected data only _ of Lunaflat with us the one which... agreement relationship in the framework of you want service to you more suitable in conditions able to offer for  will be processed ; And other on the other hand , our partner , employment of the relationship One Part of it aspect One to employees provided use aspect from our offer take advantage of can provide .

-       This data protection statement through partner responsibility in the framework of personal data processing about you We inform . Our partners , joint responsibility in the framework of personal data processing about you will inform .

-       We give your rights to both Lunaflat and our partner . opposite you can use

Any One in time your data forwarded to our partners Now If you don't want to , unsubscribe possible the earliest _ In history by ending this you want time you can .

Our company within the contract born And legal our obligations in its place to bring for   to your data need hearer departments This  data will be able to access . by us employment made processors are also for purposes data can take . These are credit services , informatics services , logistics , printing services , telecommunications , receivables education , consultancy And consultancy with sales And marketing in categories are companies .


Payment process for   necessary the one which... data - for example your name , account your number or  if any credit card your number (" payment data ") - by us commissioned payment service to their providers transmitted . This datas ourselves we do not save . Below we use payment providers about information you will find .


Credit card And automatic payment with payment for   payment service provider mocha we use . to paratika you provide informations completely of paratika Security to the policy And Use to your conditions subject . of paratika security policy at available .



our app pocket on your phone to the camera to reach acceptance If you do , from our partners service while taking your camera QR code only scan for   you can use . if you wish your camera profile official to create You can also use it for .


your app to your position to reach permission if you give your location with us will be shared . This is only to you in your area our partners to show for   will be used . Data will not be saved .


1) Location based scanning what is it ?

Our website is for you more relating to informations to ensure And call while to you time bring for   to the location based on to scan uses . For example , you close One our partner location If you are looking for your city directly to be chosen to ensure And over there partner locations to show for   your location we can use . Of course , other in cities events to call for   This  setting you want time manual aspect you can change . Your confirmation if desired And still full _ our service If you are using this location your query in your browser can open or  You can turn it off .

2) How does it work ?

If you agree , your browser nearby wireless access points And your computer's IP address about data balls . Next your browser , approx. your location to determine for   This  datas default geographical location service to the provider sends . This approximately location more then on our website This  service for   used .

3) a to the site I gave permission How cancel can i

your location at all times with our site don't share permission if you gave And more later your opinion If you change this permission easily cancel you can . And this like :

  • home page open .
  • your browser Vehicles in the menu Page information open .
  • Permissions tab select .
  • Valid to the location access permission give setting replace .


With us contact to go past e - mail to you can send .



10. OTHER PROCESSING BASED ON Legitimate Interests

If necessary , bring your data with you . contracted One of the contract actually in its place bringing in beyond or  ours or  third of individuals legitimate their interests to protect for   yours your consent beyond we work , but individual in the situation One evaluation , personal your information protecting legitimate fundamental right and your freedoms does not show .



If necessary , for example One of the contract initiation And including the performance work our relationship during personal your data it works And we hide It should be noted that work _ our relationship more LONG One duration for   designed , continue the one who One is an obligation .

Also , other of things well row Turkish Civil to the law various storage And certification to its obligations we are of course . Here envisaged storage And certification durations to ten years up to .




our website your visit One daily file ( server daily files aspect named ) is stored . This for the purpose we ( or web domain our provider ) every access to our offer about the following datas we collect :

  • accessing computer's IP address
  • received of the file First Name
  • Receiving date And clock
  • transmitted data amount
  • Successful taking notice
  • in use you are operating system of well order  scanner Type And version
  • referrer URL
  • request the one who provider
  • screen resolution

Daily datas by us Only our offer functioning covered by statistical evaluations for   used . Our offer law female use of in case of daily datas possible legal your violations to clarity service to provide it does .


of our websites Type And use scope about information to be able to evaluate with our websites for connected technologies ( monitoring tools aspect called ) we use . web analytics for   the following services we use . of data relating to service provider by to use acceptance If you don't , use web analytics circuit female You can leave . Like this One circuit female of quitting How possible , individual service for   is explained . Most analysis service , personal non- information to collect for   describing information uses .


Our websites are maintained by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA ("Google") provided a web analysis service with Google Analytics uses . Google Analytics cookie uses our website your use about created informations Generally in the USA to a Google server transmitted And there is stored . Only exceptional cases full IP address in the USA to a Google server sent And there is shortened . Google this information website _ your use to evaluate for   uses , website effectiveness about reports compile and website _ website to the operator effectiveness And Internet use of with relating to other services provide . of Google Analytics One Part of it aspect your browser by transmitted IP address with other Google data will not be merged .

Google's cookie by created and our website with your use relating to data (your IP address included ) to collect And This  data by Google . to be processed the following from the link (http: // dlpage / gaoptout?hl =de). Data with protection relating to more more information in Google Analytics at you can find .



Google Label We also use the manager . This service , website of labels One interface over  to be managed provides . Google Label manager Only tags implements . This meaning : No cookie not used And no personal data not saved . Google Label Manager , in order data able to collect other tags triggers . However , Google Tag manager This  data does not reach . Effect area or  cookie level One circuit female leaving if performed , Google Tag manager with applied as long as all tracing tags for   in place remains .

Data with protection relating to more more Google Label at _ in Manager you can find .


2.3 Google Maps

This site , Google Maps via an API map your service uses . Provider is Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA . Google Maps , online our offers attractive  One way submission and on the website we stated your places more easy to be found for the purpose of used . User of your data processing about more more information Google's data protection in your statement You can find it : policies / privacy /.



Our offer is external to providers' websites Links contains . Your links websites behind your links _ was founded next in line control was done . your content our offer One Part of it will not . Your links behind changed law _ female contents is difference If we do , the links difference after having immediately later we remove .




Personal your data by us processing with connected aspect the following to the rights you have :


To us you give any One open  or  implied approval in the future effective will be way you want time cancel you can .


about you stored personal your data with relating to aspect U.S information request you can .


Personal your data deletion You also have the right .

Personal your data to be processed You can restrict .


particular situation caused for reasons personal your data to the processing you want time objection don't your right there are . . Like this One objection your interests , rights _ And to your freedoms heavy pressed processing for   compelling legitimate justifications is or  legal your rights facility , use or  defending for   of processing necessary is we could not prove as long as This  datas Now we will not process . claims service it does .


Additional as us _ you provide With you relating to personal datas structured , common And machine by readable One in a way taking to the right you have . Also , technical aspect possible is extent , this datas yours at your instruction responsible Another One to the person transmission You also have the right . Data transfer right only one _ to the contract based on is personal data And processing for   valid .


Personal with your rights connected as a personal data to the protection related aspect U.S responsible the following audit to his office objection don't your right there are .


Lunaflat Dijital Platform Pazarlama San. Ltd. Şti., this data protection your statement should like will update And new to the requirements And to the laws will adapt . This Therefore , your data preservation about information owner to be for   This  document organised aspect control you to we recommend . This security latest notification _ update date : March 2023

Data with protection relating to any One your question If so , please contact contact pass .


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